Check Your Habits

Change Your Habits, Improve Your Life

Our daily habits form our daily routines, which make up the components of our day. What would your day be like if you had a healthy meal for lunch at the office?

How would you feel if you were a little more active throughout the day? What would your mental state be like if you could take back control over negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones?

Everything that you “wish” you could do, you CAN do, you just need to form new habits that make those goals possible!

I’ve put this event together because I believe in the power of forming positive habits. I know from experience that with a little bit of determination and a little bit of education, people can recreate their routines into a lifetime filled with more productivity, more happiness, and more satisfaction.

What to Expect From This Webinar

During this webinar, it’s my goal to act as your guide for all things habit-related. Together, we’ll discuss:

-What a habit is, and how our brain psychologically processes habits
-How a habit is formed, including information about the “habit loop”
-How to break a habit
-How to create new habits
-Some simple habits that you can adopt into your life

Living the best version of your life and becoming the best version of yourself is not as difficult as you might think! While habits are sometimes tough to break, they’re certainly not impossible. I hope that you decide to join me for this experience so that you can find out for yourself!

Hosted by:

Grace Chivell

Walk Away With A Plan

It takes 21 days to form a habit, that means that in just three weeks you can change your life for the better. We all have the willpower that it takes to kick a bad habit and replace it with a new one - sometimes it just takes baby steps in the right direction!

By learning the psychology behind what forms a habit, you’ll be much more likely to come out on top and create a new way to complete tasks, form routines, and move through life without giving way to the habits that you feel are dragging you down.

Willpower is like a muscle, it can be exercised and practiced and built up - it can also be forgotten. By knowing the ins and outs about how your own brain works when it comes to forming habits and breaking them, you’ll have the tools to hack into your own mind and rewire it for the better!

I Can’t Wait To Share With You On Wednesday, April 8th At 1:00 pm AEST!